Pet clinic

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Microchip implant



Rabies vaccinations, lyme theorized against borelliózis, mushroom infections vaccination, stb.

Hill's nutriments

we are the official Hill's distributors of nutriment and his consultants in the region south-Balaton

Breeder and pharmacy nutriment his wide choice based on unique claims.

Wide-ranging veterinary services

Wide-ranging internal medicine, surgery, dental and reproduction biology services not only small animals, but for economic livestock. Large scale firm settlements' supply.





Dogs, cats, for rabbits, doves and other economic livestock.

We may precede the development of serious illnesses by the submission of the vaccinations, from among which more incurable one. (pl.: canine distemper, Rubarth disease) the vaccination against the Rabies obligatory, the Rabies serious zoonózis. The other group of the vaccinations, the special illnesses which can be healed difficultly are used for his prevention. (pl.: kennel coughing, corona vírusus diarrhoea)

Supply of internal medicine

The general internal medicine supply not only our surgery, but onto a call we do it on the keeping place of the animal.

We make the supply of the illnesses not being infectious being infectious in the framework of the internal medicine supply. In case of need accessory diagnosztikai-laboratóriumi we make examinations. His important part our work the broadcast of the health promotion, forage and keeping councils, regular check the accomplishment of examinations.

dental care

The good dentition is the good general condition and the basis of health.

Increasingly more problems follow from the pleasure with the state of their dentition, primarily with the change of the forage of kept animals the fogköveséggel. We make the removal of the tartar with a modern, ultrasonic apparatus, we remove the injured, non-viable teeth.



epidemiological and food hygiene advice

An entitlement is at my disposal HACCP onto the completion of procedures and his review, and onto the keeping of educations.

It is necessary to be equal to the food safety rules in the course of the food production and distribution. Prerequisite insuring this HACCP the existence of a procedure and his instructions accurate him doing the dirty. It élelmiszer-the interest of vállakozó and his task the procedures applied by it regular reexamining and the organizing of the education.


Wide-ranging surgery supply from the pleasure for kept and economic livestock.

The accomplishment of the castration operations is one of the considerable part of our surgery work, with which we may prevent the unnecessary animal offspring,. In the course of the operation the full sex tract we remove it. The other important area the accident surgery's and the tumours' surgical removal, with which one meghosszabíthatjuk and we may make our patients' life more comfortable. We do even other operations apart from the listed ones.

pet medications and gear

The wide choice of artefacts, vitamins, fodder accessories is veterinary science.

The pedigreed veterinary science artefacts are available in a wide circle in Hungary. This is very important, that let us use animal medicines, which conform to the special claims of the given species, for the cure of our animals. The human medicines the examinations of a side effect do not conform to the animals, because of this these his usage until all of them risky, I insist on the usage of the veterinary science artefacts because of this.